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My understanding of Sub is this, It is what Dr's call a partial agonist, different from herion or whatever in the fact that it does not completely bind to all receptors thus filling up enough of the receptors in your brain to make you think your satisfied, when in fact u are. It is not a full agonist like most other opiate based narcotics, but is still very much one of them. My experience is , yes , i felt normal...normal being on some opiate, as I have been for many yeah, naturally in did feel normal, minus nodding out occasionally and the feel good burst of energy it gives immediatly upon taking. As far as not being able to get high with other substances ...thats not true in my case, just needed to take more than usual, and still didnt get quite the same effect, not to say i didnt get any effect...that wouldnt be true at all. I wish I could give you the hindsight 2 years on sub gave me but now that im off, Im staying off.

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