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I've been taking vicodin off and on for awhile now, basically whenever I can get a presription. Right now I have an RX for Norco x60. I'm already thinking ahead to when I run out of them and am wondering what do people do after giving up pills or drugs? I know the buzz I get from the pills fills some sort of need for me, although I'm not sure what. I'm wondering what I can do to find something else that will fill this need once I stop taking them.... If I don't find something else that will take the place of this (something healthy!) then I have a feeling I'll just continue this cycle.

I know part of getting off vicodin is just sucking it up and doing it. But in order to continue recovery in the long run I need to add some things to my life that are enjoyable or distracting so I won't relapse. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!! I'd love to hear about what's helped others through this in the long run! Thanks so much,


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