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Hello REACHOUT....I have walked thru your withdrawal to the oxy's.I really think you have been a wonderful example of courage and strength. While doing all this, you have managed to help other people as you rode this wave......God Bless you. You have given good solid advice, and I my self admire what your doing..

I came to this board not really knowing what I was looking for.. I found alot of people here doing the first time withdrawal.. I wish to God I would have had a board like this when I kicked my Norco's.. I am so excited to see that you people are looking for support and asking for advice. Pat yourselves on the back, not everyone can do this.

I am sooo lucky that I am clean now, and have been thru my addiction and recovery.I still need in sobriety, to keep close to new comers as we call them in AA or NA.It helps me to remember where I came from...Im sorry, I am not recovered per say, becuz we will always be addicts..Just some of us arent using... I try to remember, that I can be back to ground zero, if I dont pay attention to my decisions in life, and about how I use any medications...

I wish all of you a speedy come down and hope you dont have to go thru all the mental pain that can come with withdrawing from meds..or drugs..

I am always interested in helping other alcoholics or drug addicts, thats my job, if I am working a good NA or AA program.. So I am happy to be here on this board and I am getting happier in my life, but I still have my issues with depression and bi-polar disease.. It is alot easier to walk thru my daily issues with depression, when Im not dumping all these pills in my body..

Sorry for taking so much time up on the board today, but I want you to see, that someday you will be free of the pain, and live a healthier life... Thanks to you all.... IM A MESS

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