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Heya Mary

Still hurtin', there, Mary? I am in pain today, too... and it's my knees also! Bummer. It is pain from arthritis... hereditary. Wanna hear something weird? ALL the sisters on my Mom's side developed severe arthritis... and none of the brothers. Each of the 3 sisters had to have both knees replaced.

Mary, for a while you are going to have "ordinary" pain, plus increased pain from withdrawal. I don't think we have talked about this yet? Hope I am not repeating myself.... After prolonged use of opiate pain killers, the stuff gets deeply imbedded in our muscles and even into our bones. The brain does two notorious things as we withdraw and then for a period even after detoxing. first, it sends out increased pain signals to the areas it was helping trying to convince us to take in more opiate again. Second, it goes on a serach for any remnants of the opiate and the last searches go into our deep tissues and bones. The higher pain levels started for me , ummm, probably the second month of the taper. I think the high anxiety blocked any feelings of pain because it was such intense anxiety. Then, as the anxiety slowly started to lessen, the pain increased and started hitting me even in places it had not before. It was not until after the third month that the increased pain calmed down and I actually began to feel less pain than I had even on the opiates. Strange process, huh?

Now, if I overdo, I will feel some of the original pain, but I seeem more capable of bearing it. This arthritis is just a seperate issue. I take Motrin and if it gets bad enough, I will ask Doctor for a NSAID to treat it when it is super bad. I am not superwoman and do not want to suffer if I can help it. Bit I [B]will[/B] not trade my life in for opiates again. When push comes to shove, life with some pain beats exisitance only without pain.

Anyway, I have gone off about myself. Sorry. My intention as I started this post was to tell you I am sorry you are in pain. Does weather affect your pain? (it does mine) Have you ever tried Salon Pas patches or Bengay on your knees? That helps alleviate the pain a bit.

Is your friend still visiting? That was smart to have some distraction during this time.

You know, mary... I have been thinking about all that has happened with the Tramaccet and all. Maybe it has been a blesing in disguise. From all I have read, Morphine is one of the hardest opiates to kick. Maybe there was some "intervention" going on that we can not comprehend. Maybe the Tramacet incident has been a way to ese you down. Not that it is an easy drug to kick by any means, but from the little I do know, I have the feeling it might be easier than straight from Morphine. What do you think?

Oh, well, I guess it doesn't matter. We are where we are and we work from there.

Later. Alligator

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