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Hey everyone my name's Greg, i'm 22 from Chicago and i'm new to this site. I don't want to bore you all with the story of how I got started on Vicodin, but I have some infromation that you will definitely find helpful to kick the habit cold turkey and reduce the withdrawal by 50-60%.
My Vicodin use started out when i was 19. My g/f (first love) at the time left me for another guy and then I lost my job a few weeks later because I started to be chronically late (basically because I was so deep in depression that i didn't care anymore). After she left I huess I felt I needed something to dull the pain of this and so I discovered my new found "love affair" with Vicodin. I went to the Doc and being the crooked guy that he is he gave me 5/500 mg of Vicodin and didn't even question me once about it or caution me how highly addictive this devil pill is. So off i went with a script for 30 pills of vicodin to be refilled 5 times. When I started using i would only use 1 maybe 2 a day tops for the first 6 months. I was fine with that. Well eventually after a year it was 2-3 a day then a year and a half it was 3-5 a day then 2 years it was 5-7 a day and until 11 days ago it was 9-11 a day and he was giving me 130 pills to be refilled 5 times. I was a full blown addict and I knew it. The past year I had wanted to get off but I was always too scared. So a few weeks ago I got so tired of being a drug addict, and a vegetable I just flushed the newly refilled prescription down the toilet and said screw it...i'm done. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I was sick of waking up every morning withdrawing and needing to get a pill in me just to feel ok and then have to lay there for 40 minutes for it to kick in. In the 3 years of using I cannot even begin to tell you the pain this drug has caused me in my life. I never talked to anyone and I always wanted to be in my dark room. I lost 3 jobs simply because I needed to feel ok in the morning and layed there until I felt fine and by the time this happened i was late and didn't care because i was high. Fired, fired, fired...just like that. That's the thing I learned about's all an illusion...when you're high it feels great, but the pain it inflicts is 10 times worse than the pain it takes away. Now that i'm sober life i great..i swear to you... I enjoy the sunlight, i talk to all of my family and friends, i'm not irritable, i wake up feeling great and ready to go, i can think clearly and hold a conversation, and breath better as well. I swear to you it's amazing. Well now i want you all to feel great to. I'm just letting you know i'm in no way, shape, or form a doctor or medical specialsit of any kind, but I do study all natural vitamins and amino acids everyday. So here is the system that i used to quit cold turkey and felt like a new man after 5 days. All of these items can be attained from the health food store and are all natural. So i will give you the list and explain what each item is used for after. First the absolute most important item is Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA. GABA is an amino acid produced naturally by our bodies and when we take vicodin it operated on the GABA receptor in the brain. What GABA supplementation does is it limits the amount of neurotransmitters firing in the brain. The more transmitters firing the more anxious, agitated, nervous, and jumpy we are. When we are withdrawing the neurotransmitters are so used to the drug that they are firing out of control. This is why supplementation with this is necessary and my god it works!!! GABA puts you in a tranquil state without making you high or have the head cloudiness associated with vicodin. For the fiirst week of withdrawals i took 6000-8000 milligrams a day and now after two weeks i only take 2000 milligrams and feel great everyday!!
The next thing you will need is tylenol rapid release or ibuprofen...whichever you prefer...take as needed for first week of withdrawals to get rid of head and body aches. The next item is a B-Complex vitamin to ease some more of that nervous you will need milk thistle to detox your body and liver,kidneys, etc. This is important. The next item is l-tyrosine, and 5-HTP tryptophan for depression. (1,000 milligrams of each for the first week). Valerian Root is next to help you sleep naturally without a sleeping aid. This works better than a sleeping aid actually. Also get 3 ice packs and have them ready to go in the freezer, pepto bismol or immodium for the unfortunate runs, and take plenty of baths. That is the list.
Now some more important information and things to remember....
YOU HAVE TO WANT TO QUIT...u gotta want it.
CONVINCE YOURSELF YOU HAVE THE FLU...all the sympotms are flu like and what happens when we have the flu? We get over it after 5-7 days...JUST LIKE WITHDRAWAL....the symptoms go away and you will get back to normal...i know it may seem like you'll always feel like that, but you won't !!! The first 3 days are the toughest..after that you turn the corner and get better. After you are fully detoxed ...continue to take the GABA only and you will feel great's a vitmain after all and it helps the mind stay calm..look it up on the internet. I now take 1000-2000 milligrams a day and feel great...this helps get rid of cravings completely...i am clean for 12 days and have had ZERO CRAVINGS!!!! You can do it!!!! Good luck to you all!

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