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Hi Kessa.. nice to meet you... my name is Mary and I have been percocet and morphine free for 4.5 weeks and I was then taking tramacet (another name for tramadol) and I did not know it was a narcotic as well (see my story under "I think I am going to give in") but the ladies here on this board told me that tramadol is indeed a narcotic so I cut off my supplies... told the pharmacist to cancel the ones I still had on refills and then I told my husband.. you are VERY lucky to have a husband like you do... my husband is amazing as well and he will help me through the withdrawl.
When and if I need to go to a hospital, I will be telling them to NOT give me narcotics... I did that one other time a few months ago when I tried to quit cold turkey. Amazing how much nicer the nurses are to you when you tell them you are in pain but do not want narcotics. They knew I had an addiction so they were proud of me and told me so. I can gurantee if you tell the nurses and dr's about it, you will get support from them. This is assuming the US dr's and nurses are the same as in Canada.
I just hope that after all I have been through that I can help others as I have been helped.
Your addiction is very very early so it will be much easier for you to quit.
Today I am in a lot of pain... bad pain, but I am going to make it through.. I was told that pain will intensify as you go thruogh withdrawl... it is the brain making you feel like you are in more pain just so you will give it drugs... the brain can be nasty sometimes! I look at it as there is the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other... you know... the angel saying to be good and not take pills and the devil saying.. oh just take a couple, it won't hurt.. right now the angel is kicking the devils a*s!!
Keep up the good work... let us know how you are doing. Mary

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