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methadone you have to go to a clinic to pick up every day. it's very controlled. where as the sub is given in pill form.
the clinic I go to for my methadone is pill form but mixed with water.

why would anyone want to get high on methadone? I"m there for a purpose and that's to get clean. methadone has saved my life.
even though I have to drive there almost everyday, I have take homes on wed. and for sat. and sun. so I have a break. but that comes as a reward and if you prove you're doing well and that's having no dirty urines and not missing any days for no good reason.

it is very difficult some feel to detox off the methadone once you've started it. I started on 90 mg and went down to 5 mg but within a seven yr period.
I did not rush it but took my time. if you go down slowly, you only feel irritable on the 2nd to 3rd day.
it's tolerable though and nothing compared to detoxing off of an opiate cold turkey.

you do build up a tolerance to it and do not feel the effects of it if you're on a lower dosage. I couldn't stand the feeling of it when I was on a higher dosage. it made me constantly groggy, falling asleep and nodding all the time and it does not look pretty on a face that's fallen asleep with a droopy mouth and loosened muscles in the face.

so there are pro's and cons to it but there is with life then too.

I've heard nothing but bad things from people on sub. there's always problems with their dosages,etc.

I don't know much about sub and if you want to know more, ****** it.

I hope I was able to help you somewhat.


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