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I just wanted to clarify that in her post about what the doctor was giving her she said clonidine patches..Which is NOT the same medicine as Klonopin or even in the same catagory of drugs..I would be wary of her taking the Klonopins if that were the case but clonidine patches are a long used very common detox tool..Its basically a bloodpressure med but some how works with the body in relieving some of the symptoms common with withdrawal.Its also used to prevent migraine headaches,and even in some cases can reduce the occurence of hotflashes with menopause.. Clonidine acts by stimulating adrenergic receptors on nerves in the brain. This stimulation actually reduces messages that originate in the central nervous system (brain) and are transmitted to the body by the sympathetic nervous system. As a result, clonidine slows the heart rate and reduces blood pressure..

I received this patch in detox before and it helped a bunch...One thing you need to consider though is that if your bp generally runs low and you are doing this at home then you need to make sure to monitor your bp and contact your doctor if it drops(the nurses would do this at the detox center every 2-4hrs)also until you get used to the medicine in the patch make sure you get up from sitting slowly to prevent orthostatic hypotension and possibly passing out..That was my main problem at first with the patch..My bp usually runs like 100/60 or less and I wasnt told about the not standing to quickly and got really faint headed a few times in the beggining...Coder I am SOOO happy you have your doctor on board and willing to help you that makes a huge difference for sure....I am here in TN wishing you lots of luck and have my fingers crossed for you hun..
Take Care,

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