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glad we could make you feel a bit better about things.we are always here just for that and other purposes.

regarding the addiction vs dependance thing?this IS something the you really DO need to follow up on and define for just really need to see for sure where you land here.there is also something called psuedo addiction where the person will show all of the behaviors of an active addict,but what it is is the goal here that they are trying to acheive,is it for a high,or is it because your pain is not being well managed.that is how you kind of know that difference too.when peoples very real pain is not being controlled properly,they will exhuibit the very same types of behaviors as someone who is looking for that next high,but all the psuedo is doing is trying to find relief.

just try not to sit and beat yourselves up over this.if you really DO feel that you are addicted and not the others,well there ARE steps you can take to help with that,thats the good news.the bad news is that you obviously still have pain that needs to be managed,and for that you may need to seek out a good pain management doc.I honestly do not know where i would be right now without the expertise of my pain doc.they can offer sooo many different modalities to try and control even some of the worst of the worst types of pain.this is just all they do.i personally feel,just because i know how horrid of an addictioncan develop with any hydro products like lortabs,is to get the heck off of these meds or anything like them and onto another type of pain med or some other types of meds to try and control tyour pain.hydro is really really,in my opinion(and the DEA's now as they are actually finally contemplating making hydro a class II narcotic so it would be treated just like percocet or oxy)the addiciton potential for hydro is just sooo very much higher given the very unique type of feeling a person gets with this drug that i have never found with any other type of narcotic.its just sneaky and nails you before you know it.just be thankful and also proud of yourselves for recognizing this as a potential problem for you and taking action,thats the key here really,you are actively doing something.

now it is up to you to try and determine just where you are at and perhaps have a chat with your doc about this too.only you know how you are and how you feel about what you are and are not.i wish you both lots of luck with all of this,but always remeber those children in the other room who need you two,K?Marcia

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