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Re: Day Seven
Mar 10, 2007
If it doesn't work, go the subutex route (or suboxone if you are afraid you will snort or shoot it). It is a miracle pill! Take them when you start to feel like crap going into W/D's and they are gone instantly. It even protects you from taking any kind of opiod, as it blocks it from getting to your receptors.

Here's how it works: Norco (my drug of choice - or insert your particular opiod) are like little dots, and your opiate receptors like little grooves. Well these norco dots resach the grooves of the receptors and rest there for a while, causing all these little positive reactions, which make us feel great and gives us some euphoria. What the subutex does is it fits into the groove in such a way that nothing else can get through. It creates a small positive charge, it is a partial opiod agonist, but not like norco. To me, it kind of feels like two or three hours after I took a dose, and was just kind of crusing along. Not straight, but not too high either. I stayed on these for a couple of weeks, until I got past the cravings (see, it is wierd to have not had a single, not 1!, w/d symptom, so I think that brings the cravings on a bit more). you will have a day or two (at the most) of limited withdrawals when you come off of the subs, but you should ween yourself carefully with your doc and all that really affected me was when it was time to go to sleep, but he gave me something for that which took care of that lickedy-split!

Yes, it is expensive, but when I factored in the number of ROP's I was using and the consult fees, refills, etc, I am saving money. It was $200 for the initial visit (do not put it through insurance unless you want your rates to go through the roof, to never be allowed to be prescribed pain pills for anything - there will probably be one or two time syou will need them for a severe injury, and you will be denied life insurance by alot of companies), and then do not ut the subutex on insurance either (is a red flag for addiction therapy), which costs about $300 for a month supply. Cheaper than rehab ($3000+) and about what I would fork out in a month to feed my habit anyway, and I am already healthier than ever before and my liver is not taking a beating daily.

Bottom line, if you are taking too many, you will ultimately reach your limit. Yours could be 30, or 100, but we all have them and if you are anything like me, if you dont stop now, you will stop when you find that limit. Only, it is too late then.

I took upwards of 40 Norco 10's in a day, on average 12-18 at once, with 20 being the highest, and the sad thing is, that was just to feel normal again. Many times it wouldnt even get me high.

Just my story, hope it helps...

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