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Day Seven
Mar 9, 2007
Well I Think Have Have Finally Jumped The Highest Hurdle Today,
I Feel Pretty Good With The Exception Of Some Anxiety. I Know Deep In My Heart That I Would Not Have Made It Without The Grace Of God And All You Fine People Here.
We Are Not Bad People But People With A Vice And The Support You All Have Given Me In This Board Has Loosened The Vice So I Can Breath Again And Be The Caring, Dependable Person I Used To Be. I Am Not Cured But I Think My Head Is Clear Enough Now That I Can Make Responsible Decisions Again.
For Starters Before I Quit Cold Turkey I Had A Prescription Of 120 Norco 10/325 Ordered But The Pharmacy Was Having Problems With Their Shipping Until Today And It Was Ready To Go Out And Guess What, I Actually Cancelled It. A Week Ago You Could Not Have Paid Me $10.000 To Cancell That Order. Amazing.
For Those Who Are Thinking Of Quitting Or In The Process, Just Remember This, We Are All Good People And Live Respectable Lives And This Can Happen To Anyone,
One Thing That Helped Me Was To Keep A Picture Of My Family In My Pocket And Every Time I Wanted A Pill I Would Look At My Children And Remember The Time Lost With Them While I Was Off In My Own Little World, Or Just Put A Tape In The Vcr Of Your Childs Basketball , Volleyball Or Baseball Game, Did You See Yourself There, I Did Not See Myself There. Look What We Have All Missed.
I Have Always Loved My Family But Missed Out On Alot, But Im Back Now And Will Always Be There For Them. I Cant Dwell On The Past But Can Only Concentrate On The Future Now.
All I Ask Is That All That Come To This Message Board Remember We Are All Here For One Reason Or Another And The Wise People Here I Am Sure Have Saved Many Lives And Kept Many Familys Together. I Owe So Much To All Who Have Helped Me Through This.
I Will Always Be Indebted To You. May God Bless And Be With All Of You And Keep Me In Your Prayers And I Will Do The Same.
Thanks So Much, Randy

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