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Hey Guys

I am sorry you are feeling so depressed. I know it is just a terrible feeling of angst and torment. It [B]does[/B] pass, but it takes time. PLEASE, stay on track with everything in you and do [B]not[/B] let it become a reason for relapse! This is just a normal part of the very hard process of getting clean, but the process does eventually conclude. There is not one person on this board that has not had to deal with it. Those of us who are posting to you that it is something that will be overcome have no reason to tell you anything but the truth. I know that at this stage, you have probably been reading all about what withdrawal can be like. The same as you can now see for yourself that those things your read were indeed true, then allow yourself to have the faith that the rest of what the veterans are telling you is true also. Fair deal?

Some things you can do to help your brain help itself through this process that worked for me and many others:

-Get moving physically... even short, short walks a few times a day. Push yourself hard to do this.
-Fresh air... stand at the doorway at the very least, getting outside is even better
-Sunshine... Stand out in the sunshine. When I could not do this the first week, I lay in front of the window and let the sun hit my face.
-Eat... I had to choke down a banana everyday... sometimes took me an hour to acccomplish, but I pushed myself hard.
- Read the "Home Detox" thread... the very first one on this board above where we post... use the vitamins and whatever you can... they will still be very helpful at this stage.
- Be very cognizant that the mental depression as well as withdrawal itself will cause you cravings and thoughts of horrendous negativity. TELL YOURSELF OUTLOUD that it is your depressed brain thinking these thoughts and that they are not true.

Okay, I am not going to continue because if you can accomplish these things, you are heading in a good direction. While overnight is not going to be a word concerning this part of the aftermath of detox, it [B]is[/B], indeed, going to happen for you.

Stay strong
Hugs and Hope

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