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Am I Being Stupid?
Mar 21, 2007
I am on my 7th day of being clean. I feel great. Today was the first day I didn't think about taking pills when I got out of bed. Energy is great and mood is very good too. I am taking klonopin .5mg around 7:30 pm for the past 2 nights and I have slept like a baby.

Here's my problem. I am on my way to Florida tomorrow to visit my parents. My father is getting out of hospital today after open heart surgery. My parents have occasionally given me percocet in the past. Last week, when I ran out of tramadol I asked my mother to send me percocet. She couldn't find it, didn't know if she had any. My parents use it exactly as prescribed.....they will have dental surgery, take 2 pills and leave the rest in their medicine cabinet for years. They have no idea how quickly I take the pills when they give it to me. I don't think it's the right time to tell them this because my father is recovering from major surgery and my mother is a nervous wreck. I did tell my husband this week what I have been doing. He knows about the percocet that I get from my parents and he enjoys taking it also although he has the ability to take it sporadically just 1 or 2 at a time, probably once or twice a week until it runs out.

So my mother called me today to tell me my father is being discharged and by the way, she found her percocet and will give it to me tomorrow. My father called my husband and told him that he is sending me home with pain meds. for him.

I want to try to leave them in my medicine cabinet and take them only when needed. My back has been sore past 2 days and advil has worked fine but I am about to start playing golf as soon as the snow melts and I might need something stronger.

Am I being an idiot? Should I just tell my parents that I don't want them? Is it possible for me to use them as needed? Has anyone every tried this before?

Sorry for rambling. Just trying to get myself back on track and I don't want to feel the way that I did this past weekend ever again.

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