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I'd ask the people who took drugs after their withdrawal but especially during the month long rebound effect how long they made it afterwards - and whether they ended up clean and sober or still using some form of drug. There seems to be a correlation.[/QUOTE]

Podee, I agree that using one drug to get off another is very risky, even though Im one that did do that (klonopin for 10 days after quitting a 240 mg a day oxy habit). I found I liked the "benzo buzz" far too much for my liking and the only reason I stopped at 10 days was because I knew benzos are far worse to get off of than narcotics, and I sure wasnt going through [I]that[/I] again.

so I stayed clean for 15 years and only because of back surgery (double fusion) did I wind up on narcs again. and again I found I like the buzz but I have tapered off (with the docs plan, its the taper he gives all his patients). right now Im at the end of my taper and even with the taper I found a bit of WD at the end. (which is why Im at this board, the 1st sticky is great) ) Chamomille tea is what Im using at night this time around.

anyway, just wanted to post my experience. if one is very very careful, benzos are one possible way, although risky, to help with WD from opiates. if anyone tries this route, just be sure to know that if you think WDs from opiates is rough, WDs from benzos are far worse and can even cause seizures.

Podee, your way (only natural) is probably the best and certainly the safest from an addition point of view but I needed all the help I could get. maybe I just got lucky in that I didnt trade one addiction for another. and thats the real risk for types like me.

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