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Hello, I read your post and just wanted to say a few things. #1 I am a mother too and am very proud of you making the decision to decide to quit. I know how it feels to look at your children and you are just filled with guilt. I myself was on pain medication for close to 4 years. It started out as a back injury with 3 herniated discs.... 1st vicoden, then percocet and then oxycontin and percocet one thing led to another and I was superwoman and felt like the energizer bunny. Then I just could not live anymore with the guilt, and looking at my husband and son everynight knowing waht I was doing to my health. My whole point is I thought about subonex too and it was crazy trying to find a doctor around where I live. Then I found one and it was $500.00 for the 1st visit and did not include the medicine! Well, I checked into methadone and researched it for awhile. Yes there is good and bad and that is with any medication. But, I want you to know I have been on methadone for 1 month now and I feel great, clear headed, no high feeling and feel like myself again. This may not be the route you want to go if your not sure. But, I do live with back pain, migraines and other minor pain issues and the methadone seems to help with this and for me I do not feel high. If you get on the pain management board you will read that a lot of people take methadone for chronic pain because it is suppost to not have that high feeling. But, I am no doctor and everyone is different. But, if you should want any other information on getting off want your on now I would be more than happy to chat. Good luck with your journey! I can promise you when you decide to quit it is such a good feeling. It's like the fight is over! No more lies, guilt, worrying about your next fix and the w/d's!! It's just a good feeling. :angel:

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