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I spent the day trying to find a doctor to see for suboxone. Unfortunatly, where I live there isn't a lot of good treatment programs, let alone private docs to help with this. I went on the suboxone site to find them and the ones on the list were no longer practicing except for the one who is is part of a faciity that may or may not prescribe it based on a patient to patient basis, the peole I spoke with that work with him, (took 7 different #'s to get no where) couldn't tell me how he does things! So I gave my info and I'm supposed to get a call back. In the meantme, I printed up a list of a city 2 hours away that seems to have a good amount of docs who prescribe it. I just wish I didn't have to go that far, it's going to be so dificult. I'm determined to do this, I want it so bad. Hearing about the people on this site that have used it have made me want to try it even more. The thought of feeling normal and clear headed and no horriable w/d's is very appealing. That's the hardest part of this, like most here, my desire to quit is strong, but my will power for weaning off is not, and I do not have the time to be sick. Not to mention the feeling of w/d is so bad all I do is plot how to get more meds just to make it stop. I'm actually suprized I haven't overdosed myself on sleeping pills and muscle relaxors in that 1st 48 hrs of it trying to just sleep through it. Well, I'm done complaining, sorry! Thank you all for you amazing info and advice, I've been reading all the posts so much the past few days, it makes me feel like i'm not in this alone anymore. So many things that I thought only I could know or go through are written here. Things other people would never understand. So thank you. And by the way, Happy Birthday and congrats on your 10 days arg49ermom!

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