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Re: Why Vicoden??
Mar 23, 2007
Everyone has their drug of choice, the one that works the best in search of the "high". Vics may just be yours. The reason the others may not work is because they are [U]too[/U] strong for you. Dilaudid gives a very nice feeling but I could never function on it, too sluggish. And percs have a diferent effect too, I'm the same, give me lortab over them any day. Tramodol is a non-narcotic pain med. It triggers the same receptors in the brain as narcotics though, which is why they can be just as addictive and work in a pinch. Most addicts have to take a lot of them to get that "high". Each person is different but you're right as to pain meds having different effects, even when their stronger. I hope this hepls, I have a background in the med field so I know a little more than your average bear! It's good though that you have something to help that doesn't make you want to abuse it. I would advise you though to still be cautious, the body can adapt, and while it's safe now, down the road you may have another problem on your hands.

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