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Hey all,

I'm approaching the end of day 16 free from Suboxone, which I was on for only a few weeks following a 1+ year Vicodin addiction (was using it off & on for actually longer than that, so it's arguable how long I was actually an "addict").

I thought I would share a couple of observations while going through this process, as I know a lot of people like to have questions answered during this time, ask when it will end, etc...

For the past week or so, I've had my good days & bad days, more good than bad. The good days mean I'm not too depressed, have a decent amount of energy, and don't get too antsy working in my chair for hours upon end. The bad days still suck and feel similar to how days 4-6 sort of felt. Not as many chills, etc..., but no energy, motivation to work, get off my butt & do things, and more. It seems like everyday gets better & better, but just when I thought the bad days were behind me, one will sneak up and remind me that I'm not in the clear yet.

I have zero desire to touch another Vicodin ever again and I have no doubts that I never will again. My doctor hates that confidence and thinks I'll relapse within a month because of it, but he just doesn't know me and probably hears it all the time from overly confident patients who end up relapsing within weeks. I smoked cigarettes for 8 yrs, started feeling like a 60 yr old man because of it & decided I was going to quit. I got the patch and it helped quite a bit. By the time I made it to day 3, I couldn't believe I made it that far and said "I've made it way farther than I thought I would, therefore it's too far to turn back now". That was basically my same sentiment when I was on day 5 off Sub and went to my doc's office to talk to him. He asked if I wanted to get back on because I was going through a rough time and I told him "Nah, don't want the 5 days I've made it through to go to waste". Now, 11 days later, I'm so glad I went that route.

One thing I wanted to point out or discuss was that during these 16 days, I've had drinks on 2 different nights. The first was at a poker game on day 10 & had 1 mixed Vodka drink. The other was this past Sat night (day 14), I was at a bar with my g/f & some friends and had about 2 mixed drinks (I've never been a big drinker, maybe a couple of times per month only while out with friends). The days following both of those nights were both "bad" days that I described above (some days are good & some are bad). It would not surprise me at all to find out that there was a correlation between the fact that I had drinks 2 nights and felt lousy the entire days following each night.

Perhaps somebody else had a similar experience or knows this to be likely to happen while going through W/Ds, but I don't think I'll be having another drink for at least a few more weeks, just incase they were causing me to have bad days afterwards.

Best of luck to everybody's recovery efforts.

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