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I am now down to 2 Norco... This is only my first day on this dose, but my husband and I have discussed me going cold turkey for the rest of the withdrawal, because this slow steady thing has been long and arduous. My opiate taper is scheduled to be done in one week... I've got all the symptoms already( as seen in my other post Tapering and Still withdrawing) so should I just flush the remaining pills and tough it out?? I know no one can tell me what is right for me, but this is agony. Will I be better off just finishing up the taper or just stopping now? My husband thinks 2 Norco is nothing to withdraw from, but of course, I know better than he does that it is a big deal when I've been on this stuff for years. I am just tired of this and want it to be done. I don't know what to do. Will there be a significant difference if I stop the rest of the Norco now, versus finishing the taper through to next week? I feel so alone and so confused, and I just want all these horrible feelings to stop! I don't know what to do.

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