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debbie , thanks for replying to my thread and I just have to get my two cents in on this one too. I am frankly amazed at the number of people patting you on the back over getting on sub. Yes its great, just like the hydros/oxy's were oh and cheaper and legal. all true, but what everyones but podee is failing to mention is it is just another opiate. For me this is what it did; I went from being comletely detoxed off methadone(the methadone detoxed me off the oxy/heroin) but my now ex wife being concerned id start up again found sub and pointed me toward it. I quit 12 steps, didnt need them anymore, so I thought, cravings gone. didnt have to deal with the nasty methadone clinics, side effects were minimal and I really thought i had
it beat. now detoxing from the sub I know it was just another addiction and in hindsight wish I had never can it be healthy to replace addiction for another? In regret not facing my problem, getting more into my program and wasting another two years of my life with another drug.n fortunatly I dont know of anything new since sub or id probably be thinking of trying it. Right now Ill embrace my pain and hanfg onto it like I did with the methadone detox ( which if anyone out there is considering, Id sooner put a bullet in my brain than go through again) and try and live substance, or atleast an opiate free existance. I will always be an addict, cravings or no and thats just the reality of our plight , we need to find each other and find strength in seeing those with many years of sucessful sobriety. If what I say seems harsh, well thats just what I think some people need to hear, not a candy coated version of the truth. I have now been through it all and pray this is the end for me. John

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