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Re: Scared
Apr 10, 2007
Everyone has offered great advice on this board. There is no sugarcoating the fact that opiate withdrawal sucks... I am 7 days free from Norco and Morphine, and my taper was hell. And I still have to finish a Valium taper. But I'm alive. And I feel proud that I didnt let the pain (which is how I got hooked in the first place) stop me from getting off this garbage. That doesn't mean it's not hard- It is, and there are times when I feel incredibly alone. I'm learning that time has to be viewed as a friend; what's a few months out of my life if my FUTURE is at stake?

You are doing the right thing by posting. I bet every single person here knows the fear you feel. I do, all too well. Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed; I know it is hard. Your doctor can give you meds to help ease withdrawal symptoms, and like everyone else said, check out the Home Detox thread. People will support you on here. So hang around. I've learned a lot from many here:) You can do this.

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