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Hi there,
I have been on Lunesta for a yr. and 3 months. I started out taking the 3 mg. for many months. Then I got down to the 2 mg. everynight. (that is the middle dosage...they go down to 1 mg). Well it totally works for me and no hangover or anything. I started on it due to severe neck problems and having to sometimes be on steroids, which totally gave me bad insomnia. I have subsequently had neck fusion 3 months ago and I am doing better with the neck pain. I also have had BAD upper body and trapezius spasms for the last 5 yrs. My upper body was always guarding my neck. Nothing ever helped and I tried everything. Having these spasms is normal, esp. after having a neck fusion to top it off. My surgeon's physician asst. saw me the other day and said I should take 5 mg. of Valium at bedtime for approx. 6 weeks. She told me I would not get addicted because I asked, naturally. Well, in all my paperwork it says I am on Lunesta. So for a week I was taking the 2mg of Lunesta AND the 5mg. of Valium. YES, the Valium helps the muscle spasms alot. Her theory was that if the muscles FINALLY got a rest from spasms, maybe they would finally heal. Well, yesterday I saw my osteopath for some manipulations of my hip that I messed up in a fall 6 yrs ago. (which I think caused all my neck problems). She freaked out when she heard I was on both Lunesta AND Valium. So stopped the Valium and then cut the Lunesta in half last night. Forget it......sleep was a nightmare and now I am a wreck, of course. #1, how can I ever get off the Lunesta? I have had sleep problems my whole adult life (I am 51). And #2 can I ever take the Valium at like maybe 4pm and then take the Lunesta at around 10pm? I am so freaking confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:dizzy:

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