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I'm not comfortable with the amount of alcohol my husband consumes regularly, but I can't tell if I am just uncomfortable because his habits differ from how I was raised, or if I am concerned because he actually might have a problem.

He drinks at least one beer almost every single day. The only days he doesn't drink are the days we are too busy. He doesn't get very drunk this often, he just comes home from work, opens a beer, and drinks two or three more before going to sleep. I'd say he drinks probably 3 to 5 days out of the week. When I ask him why he needs to drink so much, he gets a bit defensive and brushes off the question.

In addition to this, twice or more times a month we go out and he gets plastered. Normally he's just annoying and babbling and stumbling around, and I have to drive even if he agreed to stay sober and drive. But tonight was the worst I have ever seen him before, and it prompted me to come here and ask for help.

We had an awesome time at a bar tonight. I was dancing with my friends, and he and his best friend were drinking in a booth. When it was time to go and he got up to walk I realized he was wasted. I drove my husband and his best friend to the restaurant my husband works at so we could get free food. He was acting so ridiculous. It was a big complicated hassle to communicate with him enough to get our food comped, and he was slinging a 32 ounce cup of Coke without a lid everywhere. His speech became more and more incomprehensible by the minute.

On the way home he slumped over in the car and said, "Why am I holding a cup of liquor?" about the Coke. We took it from him and it spilled all over me. When we got home, he fell out of the car and stumbled across the parking lot, eventually landing in the drive and laying down. I became very upset and angry and started crying and yelling at him to get up.

He got up and staggered up the stairs to our place, knocking into the walls, and then he fell on the bed and become unconscious. I looked up alcohol poisoning on the Internet and it said that doctors test blood sugar because patients with alcohol poisoning have low glucose. I used my monitor to test his sugar but it was 113, normal, so I let him sleep. But after a few minutes he vomited all over bed and the floor. This woke him up a little and he got up and staggered half naked through our public hall to the community shower. I started the shower for him but he started crying and wouldn't get in. Eventually he came back upstairs and collapsed on the couch.

There were a few more minutes of him sleeping until he started choking on his vomit and I rolled him over. He fell off the couch into his vomit and kept puking until he was dry heaving. Me and his best friend tried our best to clean it but it was futile. I was just crying, falling apart. I drink sometimes, but I didn't grow up around alcohol and I don't know is normal and what means someone's life is in danger.

Eventually he stopped vomiting and he was talking to us, sort of, so I didn't call 911. Then he fell asleep in his vomit, and that is where he is now. I have just been checking his breathing every few minutes. He's breathing extremely fast and shallow which worries the hell out of me but I guess something inside me says not to call 911 just yet.

This is not okay with me. For one, it has ruined my weekend. I have an extremely busy day tomorrow and I was nursing my drunk husband until 5 am. For two, I NEVER want to feel like my husband's life is in danger again. I am terrified, and I am also deeply ashamed and disappointed in his actions. This is not the way a 23 year old creative, intellectual, highly intelligent person is supposed to act. You must understand that he is responsible, smart, and an excellent husband. He takes better care of me than I could ever have imagined.

So I guess I'm just wondering if people who have experience with alcoholism could tell me if this excessive long term consumption of alcohol combined with out of control binge drinking like this is totally normal, or if he has a problem I need to talk to him about.

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