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Hi people

First of all, I AM an alcoholic but I have cut way back on my drinking in the last few months.

Off and on during periods of abstinence lasting between 3-7 days, I've experienced the following symptoms...

* SEVERE and unrelenting brain fog (almost unbearable).
* Dazed/spacey/scrambled feeling in my head
* Derealization/depersonalization/anxiety

Are these normal symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal?. I do have a bottle of Naltrexone and also Campral and I'm thinking about getting back on one of them but I would really like to know if these are symptoms sound familiar.

- Steve
it's my experience that alcohol withdrawals are actually sugar withdrawals. have you noticed your diet and any changes in it regarding sugar?(i.e. soft drinks, chips, any high-carb snacks) it may be worth looking into. afterall, when it comes down to it, alcohol is a strong form of sugar.
Alcohol withdrawals are actually...alcohol withdrawals! and can be deadly. You should consult a physician immediately.

Some studies have shown some benefit from naltrexone and campral in relieving alcohol urges, but antabuse is the only drug that would ensure no relapses as long as you kept taking it.

Instead, personally I would recommend A.A.
Twelve Step recovery has kept me clean and sober for many years.
I agree with podee,you need your docs involvement here.this is a big huge step you are undertaking,congrats on that,really.what you are expeiencing would most likely be considered "normal" under the with any drug that your body is used to having,it will notice when it is not there anymore.this is the dependancy part of things.your brain wants it and your body does too.this just needs to be done under the supervision of your primary doc,just for these types of reasons.he can monitor you and make sure that you are doing some people,depending just how long and how often their brains were being put to sleep by alcohol,you can in some instances actually suffer some level of seizure activity.

just checking things out with your doc and discussing just what you posted here would help YOU alot and also just help to ease your mind that things are normal for your particular just need to be safe.

i really am proud of you and you should be too.i know this is not an easy task you are undertaking.and going to an AA meeting once in a while wouldn't hurt.these people will be able to help you and most of all,support you through all of this.they would also know what its like to go thru detox too.just talking out your fears with another person face to face,really helps tons.this also really helps you to just feel accountable to someone as you know what i mean?getting a sponser is doing just that.someone who has certain expectations from you and can help give you the needed support if you should ever think you really need a drink does really help alot,trust me.just make an appt with your doc and check out the AA meetings in your area.this WILL help you to stay sober and on track.really.good luck with this,marcia

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