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Hi, I'm new to this board and from what I've read am so glad to have found it. I've taken Vicodin 10/500 mg for a little over a year for chronic back pain. Thirteen days ago I had a decision to make......either increase my dosage to 21 per day or stop and I decided to stop. This drug was ruining my life!!! At first it was great - no pain and all the energy in the world.....I could do anything! (And I lost 46 lbs.) But, 13 days ago I wasn't feeling so great and knew I could not continue on that path. The first two days were the worst 2 days of my life, in fact, I was suicidal!!!! I felt so alone. Among my friends I've always been the "strong one." Not all of my friends knew of my addiction, but the ones who did didn't know how to handle it and withdrew as did I. I am feeling better comparatively speaking, however, I am still weak, sometimes dizzy, have trouble concentrating, have body aches and worst of all the cold sweats!!! One minute I'm freezing and the next I'm sweating!!! I keep a sweater and socks nearby and throughout the day put them on and take them off, sometimes changing my clothes a couple of times a day. Nighttime is horrible.......most nights I sweat so bad I can't sleep - even with Ambien 10mg. My appetite is good, although I seem to crave sweets and am trying to keep my fluid intake high (gatorade, water, kool-aide, soda...anything really) to avoid dehydration. I take a multi-vitamin each day, along with vitamin B 12 and for the pain I take Ibuprophen or Aleve along with topical muscle rubs and my heating pad. I just want to know how long these symptoms usually last, mostly the cold sweats and is there anything I can do to alleviate them???? In the past 13 days I've been out of the house 3 times because I force myself to do so. It takes everything in me to take a shower, do my makeup and go. Although it's hell and I feel like everyone knows my "secret," I do whatever I can (grocery shop, post office, etc.) and come home absolutely drained and sweaty (gross). I am not working and was supposed to start a new job Monday, but there is no way that I can function in a full-time capacity right now. Any advice and support is welcome. I know I will feel like myself eventually, but I just feel so alone.
Hey southbeach,
First of all it takes a lot of courage to do what you did...I was in the same position you were in about 3 months ago and can directly relate. I was up to 10 vicodin a day after three years of use and i knew it had to come to an end. Cold turkey is horrible but I also took a lot of vitamins and amino acids and ibuprofen and it really did help so you are definitely doing the right thing with that. As far as how long to expect to feel like this. Here is the exact time table for me:

Days 1-3 were absolutely extremely bad....I was popping a vitamin or ibuprofen every half hour on the hour because i didn't know what else to do to make the pain go away. They did help a lot though.

Day 4- Week 2 I was weak but steadily getting better, still a lot of head cloudiness and headache spells as well.

Week 2-4 I felt like i was getting back to normal, still having day to day headache spells. Head cloudiness begins to lift quite a lot.

Week 4-8 still occassional headache spells and muscle aches, but steadily going away.

Week 8- Present I feel like my old self and the head spells and weakness have subsided almost completely. Cravings have almost completely subsided as well.

Hang in there everyday is a gift and it gets better! Also look into using amino acids like GABA and Taurine and Glycine ...they have worked wonders for me.

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