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[QUOTE=actsk8flm;3003779]I'm looking for a detox buddy from vicodin. I have a great "bedside manner" and I listen really well. I need someone myself now though. I feel so alone and scared.[/QUOTE]

I would be very interested in being a "detox buddy" for you, as I have just completed in the past 2 months a CT detox from a 10-14 pill a day habit of vicodin. This forum has its limitations in how individuals can communicate and one of the strict rules is that we only use this forum as the sole means of communication. Maybe the clearest way would be to start your own topic and I can give you what insight I have under my belt on how I made it through.

Just as a quick introduction, my name is Lou and I have used prescription pain meds for the past 2 1/2 years since a failed spinal surgery. At the end, the pain management doctor was wanting to "up" me from vics and darvocet (prescribed at the same time!) to oxycontin. That's when I knew I was on a seriously downward spiraling staircase that I had to get off. Not knowing your personal situation (ie....are you being precribed vs getting the drugs through some other means), my personal saga may or may not offer you any sense of relief.

I was fortunate enough to have a very understanding job that let me take a two week leave to get myself detoxed from the vicoden. I knew I had to get off this merry go round and told the pain management doctor that enough was enough. The doctor was very understanding and came up with a regimen of slowly tapering me off the vicodens over a two month period. Those who are a bit more familiar with me know I tend to be a "want it NOW" sort of guy, and I made the mistake of not following the recommended taper, but got myself totally clean from the vics in a week. I was proud of my accomplishment, but needless to say, the doctor was not. In fact, I found myself kicked out of the pain management program for failing to follow protocol. The thing about that which bothered me the most was that so many people sign pain management contracts meaning if you slip up, then you are out. I never signed anything like this, so I felt betrayed....but enough about me. This story is a bout you. You are looking for someone to help you through a vicoden detox. far into the detox are you? The first week by far is the toughest. I strongly recommend that you read the "Home Sample Remedy" thread at the top of the provides a list of herbal and vitamin supplements to help prepare your body to go through the least painful detox possible.
But let's face it....depending on how long you were taking the drug, it makes the detox last just that much tougher.,....not impossible (as I and many others can atest to)....just a bit more of a rough ride. How long have you been taking, if I may ask? As I said, I was on quite a high dose for over 2 years, so every cell in my body was saturated with the crap.
My detox was tough. There were days I cried for no reason...sometimes for hours on end. I felt like no one at home could relate to what I was enduring and that was the most difficult part for me (to have the people you love the most look at you like you have two heads wondering why on earth you are hysterical when there is nothing "wrong").

BUT....and this is a BIG BUT......I can promise you that it WILL get better. That deep bone ache which is so famous with opiate withdrawal...I found that seemed to improve radically after the first 2 -3 days. I have been fortunate enough to have a primary care physician who has prescribed me a clonidine patch. This little device has COMPLETELY elliminated what to me was the MOST DREADED symptom of opiate withdrawal: The drenching sweats that you experience at the same time you are freezing. If you CAN get a physician to prescribe a clonidine patch, I think you will find it truly is a life-saver.

Having said all that, the most insidious part of the vicodin detox is the emotional rollercoaster that your body will go through. Your mind will play any and every trick to get you to use and that includes all sorts of emotional games. You want to brace yourself for this. Usually, the emotional symptoms begin to rear their ugly head as the physical withdrawal is waning....I know...kinda a double whammy. Just be prepared for it. I had done SO much internet reading on vicodin withdrawal and thought I was as prepared as one could possibly be, and still the emotional side just tore me to pieces. Rational thinking went out the window and I went into pity mode (as has been rightfully pointed out to me by other well-meaning souls on this board).

The best suggestion I can give you (again, not knowing exactly where you are in your detox and from how much) is to prepare yourself for at least two weeks ahead....using the items recommended in the home to build up your body for the fight to come.
I hope I have offered you some suggestions that may help you and would loved to keep open our lines of communication. Feel free to respond on this thread, or create your own, which outlines YOUR own recovery.

I look forward to hearing from you again,

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