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Hi Dodds.

Congrats on your recovery! That alone should bring a smile to your face, however I know how that F#*@#*)% depression is!

At times downright debilatating.

We are here, depend on this board, whine, scream, cry, whatever you need to, you are entitled.

Do you keep a journal?
Nothing fancy. Sometimes when I am at my lowest I open up a plain old notebook and I just WRITE! I admit there are times I'm in the corner on the floor, BUT I'm writing. Whatever I'm feeling, I yell through my words, I cry, there have been times I have sat for three and four hours and gone through every emotion on that paper (papers) but when I'm done and EVERYTHING is out I feel somewhat better. I know I can say whatever I want because no one will ever see it, no one will ever judge me. Just a suggestion. When I am that low I can't bring myself to do ANYTHING else.

I don't know how old your little ones are but do they like to color?
I also find that when I pick up a crayon and color a picture my mind somehow becomes rerouted. Maybe because I'm concentrating on "staying in the lines" LOL.... or what colors I want to use.
I know it sounds silly, but it works.
These are two simple things I can bring myself to do when at my lowest because folding laundry is not possible for me. No offence to anyone, I envy you, I can't bring myself to fold laundry when I'm low, that is way too much of a task and requires motivation I cannot find in myself.

I hope this helps.
Let me know If you try it.
Keep writing here, write every half hour If need be and most important Dodd, KNOW you are NOT alone today in what your feeling and we have all been there.
Hugs to you!

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