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Hi Meddguy! I found your post because I'm in the same boat as you. Taking Percocet IR for back pain. I started with 1 5-mg/day 3 yrs. ago....gradually more and the last few months it's gone from 4 5-mg./day to 8 or 10 5-mg per day. (I take 2 5-mg caps at a time, usually.) So basically it's now at 35-50 mg./day. I used to not take anything until evening. Now I wake up feeling lousy and am starting earlier and earlier. I just took my first at 11 AM because I have stuff to get done, and I actually need it to get my "engine running" and feel normal.

I've noticed I start to feel HORRIBLE at about the 3-hour mark -- dizzy, nauseous, sweats. I've tried to taper on my own but there's always something that makes me revert back -- like I need my energy for something or other that I have to do. I don't want to give them to my boyfriend or Mom because I'm embarrassed, plus what if I really feel sick and need more? I don't want my BF to think I'm an addict, nor do I want to put him in that position. Plus I am afraid he'll tell someone. By the way, I am a former heroin addict with 30 years clean. But an addiction history nonetheless.

I feel I can do this on my own. I have good self-control....usually. My problem is that I would need several days (or weeks?) straight with nothing to do, so if I felt bad, I could just lie on the couch. But I don't have that luxury.

I've seen people on here that are saying it takes weeks or months. Really? Ughhh, I thought maybe I could do it in 4 or 5 Also, I really hate giving it up for that back pain. The problem is, I'm in constant pain, so that justified my continued usage of it....which got me into this position.

Well, at least now that I've found you, Meddguy, maybe I can get some support here. Where are you in your taper plan? Are you sticking to your 4-3-2-1 plan that you mentioned above? Thanks for sharing your story, it helps to know I'm not alone.

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