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Hey Medd, Baby

The doctor maybe gave you Depakote.. anti seizure med, calms anxiety during taper. Great med for short term use in detoxing. yes, often still used for alcoholics, but seldom used for narcotic withdrawal. Sad.. but not for you! I actually was given Depakote for a couple of weeks... maybe even a few weeks, when a wonderful, older psychiatrist was getting me off xanax and percocet many years ago when I was in major clinical depresssion. The whole med thing is still somewhat hazy from that time because I was so out of it. ( and if it isn't depakote, just delete this whole darn paragraph. chuckles) Your doctor, I am sure, knows exactly what he is prescribing and why.

Hey... you know what is even BETTER than foot-tapping? JUMPING JACKS. And yes, I am dead on serious. Smiles.

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