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I am sure this will be long, but it will help some people.

First thing everyone who wants to get on Sub or has already been through it needs to know, every case is different. That is not to say in each case there are multiple people who fit in it.

Here is my story:

Started swallowing 20mg of Oxy in 2002 (Rec use only) in Aug of 02 went on vacation and took 14-20 mg with me. Came home 7 days later with 12 pills left. One month later got drunk and a friend told me to try and snort it and I did. July 03 on vacation, took 16-20mg with me, snorted the 16th pill on my way home 6 days later. By Feb 07 up to 240 mg a day, and could handle more. Between Oct 02 through Aug 04 I must have went through 5 day withdrawls 20 times. Why did this happen? Because it was hard as hell to find. So, me, my brother, and two friends would find it, use it, get sick, then find it. Then in Sep 04 we hit the mother load. We find a dealer who does not use and always has it. From Sep 04 to Dec 06 I went through w/drawls another 20 times or so. Not because I could not get it, but because I wanted to quit. I am telling you my body must have gotten used to the w/drawls, becuase by this time all four of us, the sickness only last about two days. After that it was just mental and had no motivation. I had a real good chance of quiting in Apil of 04, I had gone 2-months and felt great. Then wouldn't ya know it, I had to have back surgery. Now I am on Percs for two months. Of course the Percs did nothing for my pain and I would never ask my doctor for anything stronger, I got Oxy from the usual supects at the time. The Oxy did work on the pain. Plus, my tol was so high, that 10 mgs of Perc would get stuck in my teeth! Needless to say it would only be a few months til we hit the mother load of a dealer and it was on. I own my own business and I work 7-days a week 16hrs a day from Jan to April. I associated Oxy with work. I did not take it to hide any feelings, I just liked the buz and how it made work go by faster and easier. I went through Jan 07 the same way. By Feb 07 I just did not want to do it anymore. I found a doc who did sub treatment. It cost me $1,000 plus I pay for the pills. Not bad considering I was spending over $3,000 a month on Oxy. Normally it is a six week treatment, but she made an exception for me due to the type of work schedule I had. I started off taking 12mg of Sub for 7 days, then went down to 8 mgs for about 45 days, then down to 4 mgs for 7 days then down to 2 mgs for 14 days then done. My first day off I was a little cold and yawned alot, but that was it. The wierd thing was, even though I had minor, minor w/drawls, my head was clear and I was motivated. It made it so much easier. Every day after that it got better. My Brother and two friends? I got them on it a month after I stared and they are doing just as well.

If I would have started this treatment without paying my dues, I doubt it would have worked. You have to get to the point where you learn, you can never take another pill again. I can't tell you how many times I quit for a week then would say, "Oh, I will just do it for a wedding reception next week"!, Never worked and never will! I would bascially say I had no w/drawls from Sub. I think it is because I had been through it so many times that my body got use to it and I had a doctor who knew what she was doing. In most cases (those who really, really want to quit) you do not need to be on this drug for long term. If you are addicted to 80mg of oxy a day, don't start out on 16-32 mg of Sub when you only need 8 mgs. If you are taking more Sub then the painkiller you were taking, then common sence say's you will have major w/dawls. Remember, I was up to 240 mgs a day (some days 160 and some days 280) and 12 mgs of Sub for 7 days and then start going down was more than enough, even though I was getting to work at 4am and leaving 8pm Monday-Friday and working 8 hours Saturday and Sunday for 3 months.'s a good thing!

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