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[QUOTE=actsk8flm;2996311]Hi. Just signed up and read your last post. You give me hope. I need a detox support buddy...any ideas how to find a good one for Vicodin? I don't get physical detox symptoms. I just get really really depressed. Any suggestions or buddys out there? I also make a strong buddy.[/QUOTE]

Hi There! I would be happy to be your buddy. I am going to be detoxing off of Subaxone. I have been on many types of pain meds. and i detoxed off of Methadone 2yrs. ago so i know all about how horrible it is. I'm expecting the detox off sub. to be hard, but i'm going to ween slowly so that i'm not as sick as i was coming off Methadone.
You don't get physical detox symptoms??? Wow! u r lucky!
How much/mgs. are you on daily? Have u already started to detox?
As far as the depression, i can relate to that a lot. I have dealt w/depression since i was 16 (now 31yrs.old) It is much harder to deal w/during detox. A lot of people actually have to go on anti-depressents during w/d's even if they don't usually experience depression at other times. The med. helps level out chemicals in brain when w/d. Since it takes a while for things to level out they usually stay on one for a few months & then come off. Are u taking anything for it now?
Well, i've given u a lot to answer already, so i'll wait to hear from u.
Everyone on this board is willing & ready to help and every person has their own experiences/strength/hope to share w/you.:D

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