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Re: What a day
May 22, 2007
She is 13. And she was scared to death. Then I was having mild wd on top of it, havent taken vicodin since Sat. Just daracet and that doesnt do crap when your taking 150 or mg of vicodin a day, 4-5 (7.5 or 10's) at a time. So hopefully tonight will be ok. I took some clonadine, buspar(dont know if it works or not), soma, hopefully I can sleep. She did get to come home with me, is pretty comfy in bed sleeping. They gave her tylonal/codiene, guess I can be glad it wasnt vicodin, what a craving that would have been.

I had a dream about her dad twice this weekend and both times he was telling me everything was alright. It really helped, it was like seeing him again. Maybe he knew she was gonna go into the hospital. I try to save my vicodin for occasions like today, I used up the rest of the stockpile at all day bbq on Saturday(yearly family reunion) and an awesome party Sat night. Who knew Id think Id need it soooooo freaking bad today. My sister in law, her aunt brought me some buspar which helps her with anxiety almost instantly, I thinked it helped earlier but could of been the placebo effect. LOL.

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