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I have been on Methadone for about 2 1/2 years. I was up to 80mg per day. Last month I was having to og to the hospital every day to see my grandmother who ended up dieing. While I was going thru that, I wasn't keeping track of how much I was taking and I actually increased myself to about 120mg per day for a couple weeks and ran out a week early. When I saw my doctor, I told him what I had done. He was very understanding and he just said that I already know what I was risking (I had been addicted to oxycontin before I started seeing him) and he was glad that I was still alive to be his patient. The point I am trying to make is that your doctor will probably be more understanding than you think as long as he/she knows the whole story. When I started seeing my doctor, the first thing I told him was about the oxycontin. I had taken up to 240mg crushed or 560mg whole pills at one time -- VERY DANGEROUS. He said that Methadone builds in your system slowly and leaves your system slowly. That is why it might be better for someone with an addictive personality. Last month when I ran out early, he switched me to Opana ER. The dose wasn't high enough so i still went thru a few days of withdrawals (about 4 days of flu symptoms).

Bottom line is you will be fine as long as you take the methadone as prescribed and let your doctor know if you screw up.

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