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Hi my name is Christine,

I have been on workers comp for almost 3 years. I have had four surgeries on my left arm. In October or November I started with pain management and when all the Vicodin and percocet stopped woring after my last surgery in March I was put on Methadone. I liked it because it really took the pain away, but I have always hated the side effects. Now I am ready to detox and I started about 3 days ago. Decreasing 5 mg a week per Doc's orders. The first day I totally got sick to my stomach and yesturday I was so nauseiated that I could not do much for about 3 hours. Can you really feel that way in 3 days. I can only imagine whats to come!! I have some other meds to take for muscle spasms and irritability but no need for them yet. I would like to hear from others about their detoxes and how they did?
I think I might need some support from others who have been through this before.

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