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Hey MF,

Did you see my post earlier? (Shay4bliss) and also Maggie's? Make sure to check it cuz I think we answered alot of your questions there...Okay, to answer a couple more you had...if I can....

I am not sure exactly what a multi mineral is, but I THINK it is your electrolytes....if not I don't know, BUT you absolutely need all the electrolytes, hince Gatorade....But Gatorade doesn't have that much actually, except sodium and a little you're covered there....

Your body gets super depleted of electrlytes in addiction...we usually can't really tell until we do detox and we loose a ton of electrolytes...
So here's what you need:
Potasium (most important)
Magnesium (facilitates potasium..helps the body to absorb it in other words)
Sodium (Gatorade covers that)
Iron (also called ferrous sulfate...time release is excellent-not so hard on tummy)
There may be more elec. but these are your biggies, most important.

Totally agree w/ Maggie about the benedryl and nyquil...DON"T take w/ benzos...XANAX AND KLONOPIN ARE BENZOS! Ha Ha! do we have that clear now? :)
Just a suggestion, this is what I would do ...if you need sleep, take the nyquil and benedryl the first few days of detox and save the xanax and klonopin for 4th, 5th, 6th, etc...days....those are always worse than your first 3days, and you might want something more powerful on those days.

Not sure what 5Htp is ....or the other two things, but KL'smom said healthfood store...sounds right

If you did get BComplex, it pretty much covers all the "B's"....they also are super important and you will feel much better taking them than if you didn't!

Well you sure seem prepared!~You probably have enough stuff to open your own rehab! You are gonna do great! Keep us posted!


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