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yes, I agree Royal. Do not withraw your son from both medications at once. I think (from personal experience) he should withdraw from the vicodin and then the valium. THey are totally different drugs and I had a seizure once trying to come off everything at once - actually the two you are talking about. Ended up in the ER and was not pleasant.

The vicodin first - keep letting him take the valium. It will help him get off the vicodin. I would suggest tapering off instead of cold turkey. BUT - it all depends on your situation. Here in Australia we have a very good health service were it costs us only $4.90 - $27.00 per prescription (our government subsidises nearly all of our medication). I saw on one of the US pharmacy sites a prescription can be up to $200!! no wonder you need need to detox cold turkey - what an expensive thing to be sick in America. I really feel for you. Not only do these pills ruin your life but the expense must ruin you all financially.

Anyway, I am currently tapering off of Xanax (I have already tapered off the vicodin equivelant). It is not pleasant but I think much better than cold turkey. Hope we help you on here.

Oh Chrissy, how are you? You poor thing. I really feel for you - but you have taken a bold step in getting off the methadone and you should be very proud of yourself, like we all are here. Yes, you could take Xanax for the panic attacks, but be very CAREFUL - they are soooooo soooo addictive as well. It's like the dr's give you one addictive drug to come off another - I know they do here. I wouldn't take the xanax - as you know I am trying to come off them myself. I think maybe a non-addictive anti-depressant might help you until you are totally off the methadone? anyway your dr knows best not me, just a mere mortal who has experienced a little bit of this in my time. God bless you and stay safe, Tessa:angel:

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