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About three weeks ago, I came in here looking for help to come off a 2-3 Vicoden a day addiction that was roughly six months long. Every time I tried to quit, I fell apart because of the sweats, chills, stomach issues. I finally decided to consult a Doc, and they put me on the Clonadine patch (a blood pressure medication) to avoid the sweats, etc. and Dicyclomine (for abdominal cramps), Immodium and Robinol Forte (to supplement the patch). I started Monday two weeks ago.

I went through virtually no withdrawal symptoms and last Monday, I took off the patch and have felt like a new person with no cravings at all for Vicodens (frankly, I wasn't craving them before, but I would take them to avoid getting sick). I've been clean for 18 days now, and I can't tell you how good those non-addictive drugs were for me to get through the detox. Other than being drowsy, I was able to continue working, etc. and didn't have any problems getting through the day.

This board and the people on it literally saved me from the spiral I was on with great ideas and gentle nudges to get through the process. I'm happy again and normal. Good luck, but I can't recommend looking into those drugs with a Doc if you are struggling with WD issues. The thread I updated at that time was called "Update on my Search for help."

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