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Hey FACEY!!! That's your new name....pronounced kinda like foxy, FAY-CEE!
You like?? :D
That smiley face is my favorite bcuz it is a full, happy, silly smile!:D
You very much are my confidant as well as S.B.! You guys are the only ones who respond to my posts regularly and u always make me feel wanted. I can't seem to get in w/anyone else past one or two responses and you two have been following me and my recovery as well as me following yalls!
So, i'm here, not going anywhere!
Had a good day yesterday! My DH and i went to Melbourne (about 40min. north of where i live) to go shopping & dinner. I was very proud of myself for getting up and going bcuz i have been having this non-stop horrendous headache and i made myself get out even though i was hurting. We ended up having a very nice time together. We (literally) have not been "out" to dinner together in like 3mos. bcuz i'm always feeling crappy and just want to order in most of the time. Isn't that pathetic!
That's where the pills come in, and that is what will be the HARDEST part of coming off these completely. You know what i mean???? Soon, i will be free of any "help" with energy and ALSO be facing pregnancy fatigue so i am really worried about that. I want sooo badly to be like other people (like my girlfriends) who have natural energy and can do things all day and still have enough energy to go out for dinner at night or something like that.
I envy them and wish i could just be "normal" in the physical sense.
And my hubby, he is a ball of energy and i feel like he deserves better sometimes. To be honest, i really doubted that i'd find anyone that would want to spend their life w/me bcuz of my chronic pain & depression. Those things combined really affect my energy and i thought that no one would want who is a homebody and has to save up energy to do one simple outing once in a while.
I did make a positive step in getting clean though. I have been "planning" on getting some sort of herbal detox system so i can clean myself out and see if that helps w/energy. Bcuz of the subaxone, i am never "regular" in that department and i've been reading so much on how the toxins from food, medicine, etc... can affect you physically. Top symptoms being headaches & fatigue & depression, EVERYTHING i have had forever. So, i'm hoping that cleaning myself out will bring me more energy and less headaches.
I actually bought the stuff yesterday, after many many times of looking at it in store and putting it back.:rolleyes:
So, i started that last night and i have high hopes that it will help me feel better, which will aide in the weening of subaxone. I haven't been weening as good as i want to, but I AM doing it and that's something to pat myself on the back for!
As well as you missy! How is it going?? I wrote a post on your thread regarding questions about detox items. Have u started incorporating the stuff yet? Or are u waiting until you are near the end of tapering?
I hope things are well with you. I miss hearing from you. It's nice to have u and S.B. - just knowing that u guys are checking my posts and even interested in how i'm doing means a lot! And i am here for you guys too!
I will help in any way possible and pray for you every night!
Today my hubby went golfing (OBSESSED!) - which is fine w/me bcuz i can relax and read my book. I do have to clean up the place today, but i keep picking up the vacuum and putting it down. It's like i do one thing and feel good about it, then i look around and realize that there is still tons of things to do so i get defeated and just keep procrastinating.!!!
Maggie is coming back home today...visiting grandma last night since we went out for day. I think i mentioned that my mom has her brother (riley) so they love to play together. And i hate leaving her in this condo all alone since shes used to having other dogs around (since she practically LIVED w/my mom for 2yrs. while i was doing bad emotionally.
Well, i'm gonna take a break and lay my aching head down for a bit.

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