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Re: 1st post
May 29, 2007
Hi Sarah, (love that name!)

It's good to see you here! You are in the right place. Most everyone here has been exactly where you are and/or where you've been and as I always say, "There's no better help like another addict!".

I don't know anything about suboxone, there are those here who do and will chime in when they read your post. I thought I had read that it was a pretty good w/d, guess I was mistaken.

I do, however, know about hydrocodone, too much I would say! :) I am currently taking methadone to get off hydrocodone and it's not a walk in the park either. However, I have had much worse experiences in detox with alcohol so compared to that I don't think it's too bad. I dunno, I have heard alot of stories about how great it was to detox off suboxone....unless it's another "s" drug I'm thinking of. Someone else here will know.

You are right though, NONE of us are or were strong enough to do this by ourselves because the drug is much stronger than we are. So you're very smart to know that and not try this alone. Any detox though, even if there is no pain involved, will still come with cravings for our drug of choice. I've had w/d's where I wanted ANYTHING, I didn't care what, just to not be so "aware".
Does that make sense?

It is a real good idea to join a 30 day or 60 day in-patient program! I have detoxed many times and the best help I ever got was in-patient. You have so much support, and even when you're feeling like crap, you're not alone, everyone else is too. You tend to stick with it past the pain when there are others going through the same thing and you develope tight bonds with them. So everyone is kinda routing for each other. I always gave up when doing it on my own because I couldn't handle the pain and depression. Once you get past all that it is so much easier. The hardest part is dealing with the cravings, but usually the programs give you so many tools to use to deal with them. And, when you leave the program, they continue you in a " intensive outpatient program". Where you go like 3 days a week for 3hours to continue learning how to deal with your new clean life. I highly recommend inpatient!

And don't worry Sarah, we are all scared! It is a scary thing, but like I've also said alot, not as scary as staying where we are! And once you start, it immediately is not so scary anymore! It's just that it's a fear of the unknown.

So glad you did chime in and you will get alot of great advice and support here!

Routing for you!

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