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i don't know jules,but i would tend to have to side with him on this and give him the benefit of the doubt ya know?as long as it IS indeed possible,i would just go with the flow on pharms opinion vs actual research lit,really tells it all for me,ya know?i have just heard so many different stories about people getting false readings,either positive or negative with alot of the different types of UAs that are done,it really does sound like he is really trying and doing the right things.

the big difference here between someone abusing narcotics vs barbs is that with narcotic use,it is for the most part very hard to actually detect in someone because you do remain pretty much totally functional and motivated just because of the overall effects.with barbs,its kind of the opposite IS a downer,and it will make you appear much more sleepy,tired and lethargic.the overall effects would be much more apparent than with what you would actually see in the majority of people who are abusing narcotics.just take a really good look at the overall behavior and how he appears most of the time.i would also think that actually mixing a real actual barbiturate with dilantin would really be a bad combo and produce much more profound affect,you know what i mean?i really would think you would notice something if this was actually going on.

just a thought here but if you really want to get the best possible info on pharmacolgy i would actually try calling any university type teaching hospital and ask their pharmacy dept or the head of the dept maybe?i just really don't think that an average phrmacist really has enough overall knowledge of UAs,you know?

i would just go with what your heart tells you.just play it by ear and see how things play out over the next couple weeks.once trust is broken it takes soo much to get it ARE going to have doubts here,at least til he really proves himself to you,and he should know that,if he doesn't,make sure you tell him that you would love to be able to just take his word on this but you have to be a bit protective before you can let him be trusted again with you.but from what you have stated he is doing,i would reserve all real judgement for now.if you cannot be 100% certain,well you just cannot lay blame here thats they say,actions speak louder than words.i wish you luck and hope he is indeed telling you the truth about this.please keep me posted Jules,marcia

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