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Thanks for the replies, first of all. Most appreciated.

Yes, I'm wanting to confirm that I haven't already killed myself, more or less. I'm very worried about the amounts of acetaminophen that I have already taken over time, and more so this past month with the darvocet. I've been taking 20 of the 100/625 a day, so that's 12.5g a day of acetaminophen, and that's not good at all, I've learned. I'm hoping that I haven't already done serious damage to myself. I am done with the opiates containing acetaminophen, though, and plan to switch over to ibuprophen and cut down my use to one or two doses a day at the most.

Although, another problem presents itself, as my pain managment doctor did a 180 on me last time I was there and went from wanting to put me on multiple pain killers like Oxycontin and others combined, to telling me that I am too young for this (32) and she wants to take me off of everything within a month. The pain is too much for me to do that, which is why I went there in the first place. She doesn't know that I'm an addict or that I abuse the meds, so I don't know why she changed her tune so suddenly now. I know full well I have a problem with the medication and propenisty to abuse it, but ti is very problematic in that I actually truly need it and can't live comfortably without it for more than a day or so.

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