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I've taken large doses of acetaminophen in the past over extended periods of time. First it was the hydrocodone, 7.5/750. I started out taking 2 at a time every 4 hours or so and then as my tolerance increased I found myself taking 4-5 at a time every 6-8 hours, sometimes more than 20 a day.
Of all the people I have read about in similar forums, that seems to be the maximum that is taken. You probably don't hear about anything more than that because they're dead.
The problem is that recently, as I have become aware of the potential damage, I have been feeling sick. Perhaps it is more mental, in fact I'm sure it is to some degree. But, for the last year or so I have also had urination problems, needing to go up to 8 times a day and feeling an urgency to go even when there wasn't much to go. It is difficult to urinate, and now it's impossible for me to urinate in a public restroom. I used to have a mental block about that, but with the increased difficulty of even urinating anymore, added to the mental block, well... it just doesn't happen.
I often stand in front of the toilet for a few minutes trying to go, a little at a time, off and on, very weak stream. Aside from urniation, "other" things have decreased in volume and strength/flow in the same area. This could be from my kidneys being damaged or an enlarged prostate, but the blood tests I had run last year didn't show any signs of prostate problems, and my doctor didn't seem to be too worried about the urination problem for whatever reason. I think he should have been, now that I've read up on it. He knew how much acetaminophen I had taken in the past, when I had a bout of addiction with the hydrocodone for a year or so before that and he weined me off of it thankfully. My liver tests come back regularly with high ATS and LFT's, if I'm getting the abreviations correct, probably not. I'm thinking the numbers were in the elevated levels of 200-400, if I'm not mistaken. He was concerned about it, but has never taken any measures to correct it. Perhaps there are none, or perhaps he is incompetant, I don't know for sure.

But, from what I have read in many other forums, my acetaminophen intake is extrememly high and among the worst of them. Many people seem to have survived it, though, so that is somewhat comforting to me. Still, I can't help but feel that there is some serious damage from my most recent abuse of the darvocet, having taken 20 a day for a week at a time. I did that last week, and I did that 2 weeks before that. I've taken like 200 of them over 3 weeks time, with 75 percocet 7.5/325 inbetween there. I'm just really worried and hope everything is alright and it isn't too late.

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