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Hey ohmy!

No, you had it right, I just thought maybe if you started a new one more people might respond, but I've noticed there's not a lot of action here the last couple of days. It just seems like when I first came here a lot of people were talking about Sub and not as many are now and was hoping you could get some more people to chime in with a new thread....I'm kinda repeating myself, it's been a long day....sorry!

Your sweet for your compliments. I do really care about everyone here because I see my own life in so many here...just about everyone. It's like my life written over and over by different people! I just know exactly, I mean exactly what everyone is going through here cuz I've really been there...alot. I wouldn't wish the kind of pain, lonliness, confusion, loss, etc..that addiction causes on anyone. I always knew I was not unique in this, but have only witnessed it in my own circle of friends and their friends and people in rehab...It just amazes me how widespread this is. I knew it was, it's just overwhelming to actually see here on the board.
I hurt for everyone here. Because I know. And not one person here asked for this, or means to be this way....and can really help the fact they were born this way.

I could go on and on....but when I read these stories,each one puts me right into some certain moment in my own life and I know all the fear and helplessness that everyone feels.

Anyway, my own post is depressing me, so I guess I should shut up now! :)

It's funny what you said about the clinics because I was actually thinking the very same thing when I was writting that post, but decided to keep my mouth shut because I didn't want to seem pessimisstic....but you are dead on! I have a friend (actually former friend) who has been on meth for around 7 years. To hear her talk about the clinic I question how much concern they actually have for these people. They not only have her on methadone, but on about 6 (easily) other narcotics. It's rediculous! Do you think your hubby really wants to quit? If so, maybe he should demand to be tapered. I don't know the answer.

I'm really on a soap box...the gov't is so blind to really how bad this is and it makes me so mad that I see people come here that have no idea where to turn. People who want help that cant' get it cause they have no idea where to start. The only reason I even knew what to do without insurance is because my mother is in social work and deals with alot of addicts. Otherwise I could easily be dead right now.

Anyway, better calm down now! HaHa!

I'm glad for you though....keep up the good work! Hopefully hubby will follow one day....just take care of #1 and the rest will fall in line.

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