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well, now thats kind of scary. he's on 120mg of meth per day. the clinic has not started to wean him down, and although he's requested to taper a few times, they have not done it. there are people going to that clinic that have been going for many many years. it sure sounds like if he does make the switch he's gonna go through a lot of w/d. i know him well, and know that he wont make it through the w/d. he coulndt do it before which is why he went to the clinic in the first place. when i finally got sober i actually weaned myself off of heroin. i wanted him to do it with me so badly !!! i had to do it w/in a month. it went really well and i did not experience w/d symptoms that were really horrible. my experience and choices back then had to do with the fact that i found out i was 28 weeks pregnant and didnt even know it b/c i was so drugged up on heroin every day. at that time i was using at least 15 - 20 bags per day, so it was bad !!! when i found out i was pregnant (i went to the doctors office and requested a test b/c i just KNEW it, i had felt somehting inside of me) i broke down and told my doctor that i was a heroin addict. so my choices at that point were either the methadone clinic (which the doctor preferred) or to be weened off. it was a very delicate situation b/c if you go into heavy withdrawls while you are pregnant it could result in a spontaneous abortion of the fetus. it was scary, but i was completely clean in a month from the time i found out i was pregnant. by the way, i had a boy, he is 5 now, and he is absolutely beautiful, healthy and happy. God truly blessed me. i stayed sober until last month when i hurt my back and self medicated with oxycontin 80's (i chewed them) so now im on suboxone and weaning from that. it really kills me that under the circumstances of how i got sober the first time, and how blessed i was to actually GET sober; that i just forgot about all that and went ahead and used again. addiction is so horrible !! i just really wish that my hubby and i could be sober for once together !!! maybe we'll find that there really is something left of our marriage.....
now that ive posted a book (im sorry, i just go on and on !!!) i just want to thank everyone for your replies. i appreciate all your wonderful advice, your stories. its good to know we (my husband and i) are not alone.
by the way, what does DH stand for?


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