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Knowing that you have a problem is a good thing.

I'm a full blown addict and I started out on the same doseage you are at. I'm now taking at the very least 30mg at a time, 4-5 times a day. Buddy, that is not good for you. My liver is probably shot. I'm getting it taken care of this week though, and I, like you, have finally admitted to myself that I have a problem. At least you got to it sooner than most of us.

Your withdrawals, as much as you may not agree, are nothing compared to what you'll go through down the road if you continue. What's worse is that since you are getting them from an illegitamte source, your source could dry up and you would be screwed big time.
At 15-25mg a day, if I read that right, you are very lucky. That is actually considered a normal regiment for someone with chronic pain, even a light regiment, to be honest. I'm not downplaying your addiction, I'm just saying that as far as a bad habit goes, you're really not that bad off from a health standpoint.

I don't think you need Suboxone. Not at all. You can do a taper easily from where you are.

Let me ask you this: How many times a day do you take the pills, and how many at a time? I think you could beat this in a matter of weeks, maybe a few months at the most, and do it comfortably.
Also, are you in constant pain? If you're a chronic pain sufferer, like many addicts are, you may need to see a doctor about getting that under control, too. Perhaps a non-narcotic like Ultracet would work for you? It's addictive, just not nearly as bad, despite what doctors say about it being non-addictive. Trust me, I've abused them all.

The long and short of it is, friend, that you caught it VERY early and you are well off for it. You can do a taper if you want to come off completely, decreasing your doseage by either a few mg's a week, or one dose a day per week, or month. Take it at your own pace. The end result of quitting is what matters.
Being honst with a doctor is also a good idea. A doctor will be able to do what is best for you in a safe way. I'm just giving you advice from my past and dealing with a doctor of my own, that I trusted. I am not a doctor, so use what I say here with that in mind.

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