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Hey flushed, i am glad that you are here for me and don't get sick of me, lol, i am going to need alot of support right now. as i Posted above, i have not been pill free for over a year now and I am so mad at myself and very disgusted. i should have stopped these a long time ago. i have been taking them for about a month and a half up to 12 a day. i only took 8 today and feel really tired. i am only going to try and take them at night for my RLS and see how it goes, i just hope i don't get very depressed. thanks for sharing your story with me, i don't feel so alone!
Hello Emerald

I have never taken Ultram, but am only too familiar with them because of this board. Sometimes we need narcotics for pain and it is good that they are available. It is proper to use them when truly needed.

I guess my fear for you is that you might need more knowledge about the total effects of narcotics, especially opiates and opiate -like products. These meds do not actually treat pain. They are useful because they have the ability to make the brain unaware of the sensations of pain. Unfortunately, they can also (and often do) lead to depression if used for long periods of time. Bummer. They can lead to deep depression being on them and sure as anything, they certainly do lead to a period of depresion coming off them. However! The depression coming off them, when we work really hard to combat it, can pass relatively quickly. Yes, absolutely.

I wish you well in your efforts. Yes, I agree, start taking them when it is at the "breaking point", holding off as you can, is a very good idea. You will be okay, emerald. Stay with us for support.

Good wishes, reach
Hey Emerald

I am VERY familiar with Ultram. I started taking it about 3 years ago for a back injury and I never could get off of them until about 2 weeks ago I went cold turkey. Ultram does help with pain, you can get them easier from Doctors more so than hydros, vics, perc etc; because they are not controlled and most Doctors don't believe they are addictive in the same light. So with that , I always had ample supply of them. They do often come in different shapes and sizes but that has no significance.

With tram, you will start out only having to take a couple throughout your day and then before you know it, you're having to take more and more each day to tolerate any pain and to avoid the withdrawals. It kind of snuk up on me when I realized that I was letting it take over my life.

I don't know how many you are up to taking each day ( my high was about 16 a day) but I strongly encourage you to quit taking them now. The sooner the better. I quit cold turkey but everyone is different, maybe tapering off them would work for you. (wean off) If you choose to stay on them , you will one day end up where I was at and the recovery WD is going to be that much harder on you. Getting off Ultram us ____! Extremely hard, I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy if I had one,''s that bad!

I can tell you what to expect and what to do to help with it if you decide to quit them, as many on here also, we have all been there. I am still in the middle of what I call "self detox" I chose to do it all by myself. ( no detox centers, rehab etc; ) and I'm going on 3 weeks off Ultram. I will never look back on them devil pills .........I hope you make the right decision for yourself. Keep posting for support :)
God Bless ya through - Fancy

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