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OMG, your story is so full of tragedy, I don't know what to say??

You helped pull me out of the hole!!! What can I do to help? I'm really lost for words because your situation is worse than mine.

It sounds like you really need the meds, especially after the accident, but the addiction monster is in there, forcing you to take more. Vicodin is a horrible roller coaster ride of false joy. I swear that those little yellow pills came straight out of Hell.

My nurse practitioner friend told me that hydrocodone was NOT designed for long term use. Long term pain management requires methadone or a similar drug with a longer half life. I'm not suggesting that different meds are the answer, but what about your pain? Is it bearable without the meds? Just because you are an addict doesn't mean the drugs are not needed. Only you can honestly answer those questions.

Your doctor is your friend. Tell her, and she will help you.

I'm praying for you.

Your friend forever,


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