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Hello. I am in a long standing battle to help my 56 y/o Father recover from a terrible work related accident that nearly took his life ( I am thankful it didn't but never realized that recovery was so hard!). While my dad was in ICU he was diagnosed with 4 broken ribs, punctured lung, and 4 cracked vertabraes. 5 months later after a bone scan from the workmans comp doctor we discovered that he did not have only 4 broken ribs but 6. This is only making the situation harder on him and my family. Is there anything we can do?
Also my dad is a recovered addict and now to manage pain is taking 750 mg vicodens, Valium, and Fentanyl. He is extremly depressed and just not the same man he used to be. How do I help him, is detox the best option?

Frustrated and confused,
Grace :confused:
Hi Grace,

I have been on workers comp for three years! I am also a recovering addict and alcoholic.
I once had almost 4 years and then relapsed for 60 days. I am coming up on 3 years clean and sober in September. After treatment I went back to work and re-injured my hand and have been on workers comp since about the same time. I did not actually stop working untill after the first surgery.
I know your dad is depressed and everything, but keep your eyes open for signs that there is abuse of his pain meds. I never abused them while going through this, but that does not mean that it is not tough to get off them and that is what I am doing now at this point.
Let him know your there and support him at this time because he needs you. Just keep your eyes open for signs of abuse. Talk to him about it. He is probly totally scared of it. If not that would alarm me. I hated all the pain meds and how they made me feel.
I hope all the best for your family and will remember you in my prayers.

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