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I have a chronic pain condition and have been on everything from loratab to finally morphine. I became tired of being a slave to medication and being sick from using my prescribed meds too fast then suffering during the evenings. I elected to go onto suboxone to get off of the narcotics. Suboxone is a miracle drug, IF USED NO LONGER THAN 5-7 days. I have quit narcotics and been thru the sickness which lasts no longer than a 5 days. I slowly tapered suboxone to a quarter tablet and less than per day and quit. I have never been so sick in my life. After 7 days, I just wanted to die, so I took a small peice thinking it was out of my system and got sick all over again. The doctors dont tell you this. PLEASE, I'M BEGGING ANYONE WHO IS CONSIDERING LONG TERM USE, TO NOT GO THERE. YOU WILL BE SORRY AND SICK. Use the suboxone to make the transition and opt for a 12 step program or other if you feel you are in danger of using narcotics again. I'm into week 2 and am still sick with diarrhea, body aches, extreme lethargy-and non-stop insomnia. Do the research and ask the questions you need to ask before embarking on this "cure" The doctors are making money hand over fist and want you to be on it for a lifetime. My doctor even told me without knowing my history, "You'll probably need to stay on this forever." I think if the doctors are really interested in your well being, they'd try to get you totally clean first. Some people may need too, but trying to live free and clean first is the best option. I hope this helps someone.

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