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Jun 20, 2007
:confused: Hey there I just have a quick question about roxis because ive read all the way back to last year and no one posted anything regarding this specific drug which is in the percocet,vicod, etc family or maybe you just dont withdraw as hard from it as perks etc. My question is are the withdrawl symtons worst than other pain killers ive been on them for about 9 months (3-5 a day 30mg ) sometime 1-2 on and off and have not taken one in 3 days but not cold turkey i am taking percocet 10s 2 morning 2 night and i feel better than ever my mind is clear and i have more energy than ever am i in the clear?? i will stop with the perks once i taper to about 5mgs a day it seems withdrawls have to do with how strong minded you are and your physical shape.

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